Spotless Anti-Blemish Facial Oil

Spotless Anti-Blemish Facial Oil

A lightweight and gentle pure facial oil to specifically target troublesome skin and outbreaks. 


The background of how the Sportless Facial Oil came to be:

My two teenage sons, recently struggling with the devil called acne, really disliked using the spot gels and creams which they complained made their skin feel tight and dry. As I, too, am experiencing more and more annoying blemishes as my 40's continue, I decided to create a facial oil that combined the softness and lightness of an oil, the anti-aging and cell renewing properties of a rich face cream, and the anti-blemish/acne control benefits of the high street creams and gels, at the same time being one that we could all share. 


The mix of essential oils, including well-known blemish control heroes such as tea tree, clary sage and juniper, have been chosen for their abilities to keep pesky spots and outbreaks at bay for clean and clear glowing skin at any age, whether you are a teenager battling acne, or a 40-something menopausal woman experiencing problematic skin, this facial oil will hopefully get you back on track to clearer skin. To round it off, vitamin E oil is included to help cells regenerate so this facial oil has the full benefits of a skin moisteriser whilst tackling blemish control. 


Use the dropper to put a few drops onto your palm and massage gently (but well )into your skin. Use morning and night, after cleaning your face, or just whenever you feel something is about to break out! 




Sweet almond oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil, tea tree essential oil, juniper tea tree essential oil, frankincense essential oil, chamomile essential oil, geranium essential oil, bergamot essential oil, clary sage essential oil. 




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