Headache & Tension Relief Balm

Headache & Tension Relief Balm

A soothing balm made from natural, pure beeswax to fight off headaches and migraines, and relieve tension in the muscles. 


The blend of essential oils was chosen for their abilities to ease pain and relax muscles, including peppermint which contains menthol, lavender which is known to soothe and ease anxiety, eucalyptus which clears the sinuses and basil for its analgesic and muscle relaxing benefits. 


To use, simple scoop a little of the balm and rub into your temples for headache relief, or onto tight and knotted muscles for tension relief. 


(Please note that this balm contains coconut oil and is therefore harder in cool temperatures and softer in warmer conditions - if it gets too soft on a hot day, just pop the balm into the fridge for a little while to re-harden). 




Natural beeswax, pure coconut oil, sweet almond oil, frankincense essential oil, peppermint essential oil, spearmint essential oil, lavender essential oil, basil essential oil. 






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