Drift Off Bath Oil

Drift Off Bath Oil

A truly luxurious and indulgent bath oil for those evenings when a soak before bed with a glass of wine, candlelight and music are called for. Not only does the bathroom fill with a relaxing scent for your bath, but the oils cling to your body when you get out for a lightweight, all over moisturisation. 


This bath oil is in the 150ml size and comes with both a brushed silver pump and a brushed silver screw cap, so you have the choice on whether you pour or pump. 


To create the perfect mood to help you drift off after a stressful day, we have used a mix of lavender oil to soothe and relax you, together with peppermint to ease those tired, achey muscles and tension, and also eucalyptus to combat stress and ease headaches. These essential oil are used with pure Sweet Almond oil to treat and nourish your skin. 


There are no other ingredients to our bath oils. 


Simply use a few pumps, or pour, under the warm running tap and swirl into your bath. 






Sweet Almond Oil, lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, rose essential oil. 


Amber glass bottle, brushed silver pump/brushed silver screw cap. 


Matching candle coming soon.....



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