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Well, firstly thank you for coming over to have a look at the first blog from Stella Ivy Vintage! Welcome, welcome one and all - my fellow vintage lovers. I am Angela, owner of Stella Ivy Vintage. I live in Surrey, UK, with my two sons and two girlie cats, in our cosy and vintage filled little flat.

As you will probably have guessed, I am quite obsessed with everything vintage, everything to do with the past and history, and generally beautiful things from days gone by. Is it our imagination, or our rosy tinted spectacles that we perhaps feel we need to wear when today's world gets too much, or is it true that things were made beautifully, cherished, and appreciated more in the past? Sometimes I just study a vintage item that I have collected over the past (ahem) 30 years and am just in wonder at how something could have been made so intricately and immaculately, before such technology existed. When a craftsman was a true craftsman, and passion for what they created went into each item they made.

This image perfectly sums up my view of vintage - I just love it for exactly what it is, items that were previously worn and loved by someone from the past. For me, collecting and loving vintage isn't about dressing head to toe in a particular era, or following the trends such as pin-up or rockabilly (though I have nothing but admiration for those who are able to manage it!), but instead brighten my day when I can with a piece or a "feel". This everyday lady from the 1940's is what I strive to feel like, as if I am from an era of the past, just a normal person going about my normal day.

I would love to share my passion for fashion history with you here, and of course would be delighted to read any comments you may wish to share back!

So, hopefully lots of factual and interesting posts will be flooding this new little blog regularly, time permitting :)

I hope to catch up with you all soon.



Stella Ivy Vintage

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