The lady behind the name....


There is a real lady behind our company name! She was my beloved Nan, and the most glamorous lady I have ever met. There aren't many people who make sure their lipstick matches their outfit when they are in their 90's, but this lady did!

My love of clothes and accessories definitely comes from my Nan, Stella-Ivy. She always wore a brooch, often a neck scarf, and her love for bags and shoes probably gave Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money. My Nan showed me that you are never too old to look glamorous, or to make an effort, and her amazing skin, even at 93, was something I was always in awe of. My Nan, however, never bought expensive skincare, or make-up, she would never spend much money on herself. She and my absolutely amazing Gramps, knew a time when uncertainty was all you knew, hard work was what you did, and being loyal to those you loved was the way you lived. Simple living, beliefs, values... it was a different world.

During the hard times and the painful suffering that women in the past lived through, they still made a point of looking after themselves, of maintaining a simple yet strict beauty regime, and making do with whatever they had. This way of life is what led me to Stella-Ivy Vintage. A small taste of the way life used to be.... 


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